Tax Info

Did You Know?

Taxpayers are allowed to deduct the full amount paid on the sale of their vehicle and because GoodWheel’s pricing structure is based on a vehicle’s retail value (when applicable), the selling price is typically greater than that obtained by a private party seller.


This translates to a higher tax deduction for the donor. In addition, it also maximizes the value of your contribution to us. GoodWheels will clean, detail, and perform minor maintenance on the vehicle.


We will provide written acknowledgement within 30 days of the sale of the car or, if the car is to be used for a charitable purpose, within 30 days of the donation.


Here’s how we get you the highest possible tax deduction:

We Clean Up Car

We’ll perform basic cleaning and refurbishing on your vehicle before we sell it.

Sold At Retail

Instead of selling for parts, we’ll put your donated vehicle up for sale at retail when applicable.

Tax Receipt

Within 4 weeks, you will receive your tax receipt that you will need for filling taxes.

Question about filing your taxes?

Call 408-639-8630 to speak with one of our representatives.